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Build a campaign that represents the voice of the community and tackles the issues of our generation!

May 21 2024 - Election day!

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Under the Together We Can Vision, We Can Accomplish So Much

We are bringing a new kind of leadership to the federal level! This campaign is about bringing a vision to an area that has been vastly underrepresented for decades.

Ensuring the Welfare of the Entire District

Your US Congressional representative can do a lot more than vote on major bills in DC. They can bring resources home and facilitate partnerships between communities!

Empowering Community Leaders

Leadership is more than making decisions. It's about bulding the community up and sharing power to accomplish more. Many hands make for light loads.

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More About Jerica and Her Candidacy

The Community Deserves Your Voice

In a time when our leaders in DC would prefer to speak to a camera, than to constituents, we need a bold vision for a different kind of leadership- One that creates a real bond with a community that pulls people into a complex conversation!

We are fighting to win this seat because this is a chance of a lifetime for the new sixth district. It's made up of incredible communities ranging in needs and perspectives. The people of the 6th deserve representation that is willing to embrace this and is also not afraid of some of our most challenging issues.

Who is Jerica?

Jerica Richardson is the current District 2 Commissioner in Cobb County representing Vinings, Smyrna, Cumberland, and East Cobb. Over the last few years, she has been instrumental in delivering to the needs of her constituents and an unmatched level of transparency to her community. She is a technologist, author, entrepreneur and advocate. Originally from New Orleans, she moved to Cobb after Hurricane Katrina, graduating from North Springs High School, and later graduating from Georgia Tech as an Engineer. Jerica’s success lies in recognizing that what connects us is far greater than what separates us. Solving problems through collaboration and empowering others is a way of life for Jerica and she wants to put that to work for the citizens of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

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We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting On

What are the Main Challenges?

The greatest lie ever told is that we have no power. Nothing could be further from the truth. With knowledge, we become empowered, and with opportunity, we become victorious. Our communities face many challenges, and the solutions can be put in place when we choose to come together!